Musik Express

Rock-N-Roll, shown above, is the latest custom theme for Bertazzon's spectacular Musik Express. This model features 3D scenery elements including the front end of a classic 1950s Chevy driving out of the top scenery and juke boxes in the upper right corner, upper left corner and the ride center. Even the front columns take on the look of guitar necks.  Other custom themes are sure to follow and available upon request.  Congratulations to Gillette Shows for their purchase of this custom variation of a classic ride. 

Standard Features:   Circular track with three dips and three hills; hot-dip galvanized steel structure; 20 cars connected to the central rotor by radial sweeps; aluminum treadplate around car loading area; electrical and pneumatic equipment fitted to the interior of the central body on which the central rotor is fixed; decorative pannels coated with aluminum sheet; electronically operated lighting; fire-proof (class 2) canvas top; car movement is operated by 5 self-braking AC motors controlled by a static frequency converter.
Park Model Features:  Central body of the ride consists of metalic box-shaped structure to be bolted to the foundation; the roof structrue is supported by 4 columns along the corners of the ride.
Portable Model Features:  Central body of the ride consists of either a two axle semitrailer (15.2 meters - 50 feet); the roof structure is supported by two hydraulic columns fixed to the trailer; a second (15 meter - 50 foot) trailer is needed for the transportation of the cars and scenery materials.

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Version Shown Above Owned by
Ocean Amusements (Bayshore Development), Ocean City, MD, USA

Optionals:  Back scenery with lighting, spotlights and sign; pneumatically operated covering canvas for the cars; custom painting or theming per customer's request; set-up supervision.

Technical Data/Specifications:

Seats: 60
Cars: 20
Hourly Capacity: 1200
Total Weight: 70,400 lbs (320 kN)
Volume: 180 mc
Driving Power: 220V (30kW)
Lighting: 110V (40 kW)
Rotation Speed: 13.5 RPM clock-wise
12 RPM counter clock-wise
Transport: 3 - 40 foot containers
Ground Length, approx.: 60 feet  (18.1 meters)
Ground Width, approx.: 57.5 feet  (17.4 meters)
Height, approx.: 25.5 feet  (8 meters)
Notes: Recent Deliveries:  Casino Pier Amusement Park, Seaside Heights, NJ; Belle City Amusements, Winter Springs, FL; Gillette Shows, Pittsfield, MA; Arrendadora Garcical, Aguascalientes, Mexico; Myrtle Beach Grand Prix, Myrtle Beach, SC; Gillian's  Wonderland Pier, Ocean City, NJ; Reithoffer Shows (1998), VISIONLAND, Bessemer, AL, USA (1998) and Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Santa Cruz, CA, USA (1999)

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