Swing Carousel

Park Model "Swing Carousel" at Dollywood Amusement Park, Pigeon Forge, TN

Standard Features:   Hot-dip galvanized steel rotating structure (with exception of central column); hand painted decorative fiberglass with scenes of Venice (as on Bertazzon carousels) in 18th century styling with lighting; central rotating structure with 3 meters (10 feet) of lift from central pole (on 11 meter version); AC self-braking motors controlled by static frequency converter; stainless steel chairs suspended by stainless steel chains.

Optionals:  Aluminum

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platforms with steps (elevated on 11 meter version); hot-dip galvanized fencing around the ride; fencing to match the ride (simlar to that of carousel fencing); operator's booth with style to match theming of the ride; special theming per customer's request.

Trailer Mounted "Swing Carousel" at Jenkinson's Beach Boardwalk, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

Assembly of the 1-Trailer
"Swing Carousel"

Technical Data/Specifications:

  4.7 meter version 7 meter version 11 meter version
Seats/Chairs: 16 30 64
Hourly Capacity: 320 600 960
Total Weight: 2,600 lbs (12 kN) 7,100 lbs (32 kN) 44,000 lbs (195 kN)
Volume: 30 mc 30 mc 120 mc
Driving Power: 220V (3 kW) 220V (4 kW) 220V (46 kW)
Lighting: 110V (6 kW) 110V (9 kW) 110V (30 kW)
Rotation Speed: 9 RPM ccw 12 RPM ccw 11.5 RPM ccw
Transport: 1 - 20 foot container 1 - 20 foot container Park Model: 2 - 40 foot containers.

Trailer mounted version: 1 - 53' trailer


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